Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Sorry for the huge delay, but the last few weeks have been anything
but a laughing matter…let me explicate: last you saw, Hammy was
partying it up w/ the lads from Thursday and BMTH, a great time
was had by all, but after the bbq smoke cleared, our Hamsen was
nowhere to be seen.

Many were quick to point fingers: did someone break his ass? Did
we get too drunk and try to make a bong out of him? Was he on
the roof?

Speculation turned to fear, fear turned to hate, and hate turned into
double-hate. Office morale was at its lowest, and bathroom shankings
were at an all time high (sorry Alex).

When all hope was lost, when things were looking their worst
(it’s mustache march), what to my surprise!

He has a few new tats and has brought along a new friend, Beary Reynolds!

Pics below, along w/ a letter of explanation in the most girlish writing
I have ever seen…I can forgive you for running off, but I can’t forgive
those curly letters…and don’t say ‘love’ at me… I’m a dude.

Sara and Lilly ftw!

-john b.

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