Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 10 AD

Day 10 AD

Oh hai there! Shuttup! Welcome to this special Taste Of Chaos (ur welcome)

edition of Chiablog, as we celebrate day two of the great reseeding.

A little band named Thursday and another little, British-er band, named Bring Me

The Horizon came in today to pay tribute to Dave Hamsen, and to wish him well

on his great 2nd coming…

Not to generate any rumors, but I hear that there’s some guest spots open on “grease

sells…but who’s buying?” still…hint hint nudge nudge DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Due to the lack of responses to my last query regarding Hamsen’s hairstyle (JERK),

I’ve decided to intervene and give him the most bitchin’ hairstyle in the history of

reruns of George Costanza….DEAL.

Get ready for breakdowns so hard that you want to shave it off and comb it over, chickenfucker.

Listen to hatebreed and get mad.

p.s. you didn’t know that chia pets who take pics w/ more than one dude = sluttywhoreghonnorheaface?

Did you miss that day in 5th grade?? Go Read a book (or maybe a blog before you hit “post” :-X ).


-john b.

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