Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Two A.D.

Day Two A.D.

Dave Hamsen’s recovery process begins today, he’s been cleaned, dried,
and now “drilled” (as Sara calls it :-/ ) He’s got a bitchin’ tat of a purple
sparkly butterfly that will burn upsidedown crosses in your retinas if you stare
too long.

Also! We got our first fan letter today (pics below)! It’s from Brett B. (soon
to be) from Modesto. And in response to your queries:

-Hamsen’s favorite color is blue (obviously not green)

-His first name is Dave

-He tries to say the word “chickenfucker” as much as possible because it's awesome, chickenfucker.

Thanks for the episode guide too! We’ll make sure to tune in to primetime on
NBC in 8-10 years.

-john b.

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