Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 9 AD

Day 9 AD


The two week long ritual, featuring human sacrifices, virgin offerings
and spirit quests begin today as we kick-start the circle of life. Oh, make
no mistake the glitter tattoo will be there still…he’s not a pussy.

Our homeboy, Seth from The Higher came in to pay his respects and to give
a shot in the arm of our fledgling baby label “Glittertaph”. Not to name
names or to point fingers at fingers, but I do hear there is quite the blistering
single already up on that purevolume site

….I DARE you to have the GUTS to check it out…IT'S ONLY NATURAL to be
be jittery, but TRY AGAIN and you'll surely be's not like you have
OTHER OPTIONS in terms of song selection on there...

Anyway, I need some input on how to style Hamsen's bad boy hair….please post
your opinion in the comments, below are a few of my ideas, but feel free to
make up your own… first response from someone I don’t know wins:

A.) One sided comb-over
B.) Regular Mohawk
C.) Horizontal Mohawk
D.) Just chest & ass hair
E.) Soul patches (that just means patchy as chickenfuck)

-john b.

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