Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 7

Day Seven: Hamboned intro to accounting

Well we’re back at work today! Playing hard is important
but you have to make sure you work just as hard to bring
home the hamsen. Therefore, to instill this life lesson
into my boy I shared with him some of finer points of Epitaph’s
accounting systems:

1.) Make sure you have a ten key handy. Light-weight & solar
powered, as you never know when you’ll have to make a few quick
calculations on the go... I think I speak for everyone when I
say that there is nothing more embarrassing than having performance
problems in the heat of a blistering coding session :-/

2.) Don’t be afraid of a hot Carl every now and again. Who else can put 3 holes in 150 strangers’ sheets at once?

3.) If you don’t understand it/it makes you look dumb, shred it! If there’s one thing Enron taught us it is to shred early and shred often. Illegal you say? Or are you just not BRAVE enough to excel the standards of your corporation, chickenfucker?

-john b.

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