Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Ten

Day Ten: The Hour (weekend) Of PRB Is Upon Us!!!!!!

In preparation for The Accountant’s Corner debut on the Punk Rock Bowling

Scene, Hammy decided to lend a loin towards the creation of our garbs.

Make no mistake...

The strikes will be devastating! The spares will be life-saving!

The amount of beer will be liver pickling! Let’s all give thanks for this excuse

to kill the brain cells we accumulated in Jr. College!

Speaking of giving thanks, guess who decided to drop on by to give his blessing???

THE J MAN, SON OF G, DIED ON THE C…he looks like Ted Nuggent…

Good ole’ Gee-whiz!!!

Hammy found him! He was actually hiding behind Sue’s desk next to Tim Gunn…

Who woulda thunk it???

Pics of Hamsen, Sara and Lilly’s back below..MAKE IT WORK!

-john b.

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