Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen: The road to recovery is taking all my (pig) pens

Today is bittersweet, Hamsen made it to # 41 on the death metal
Purevolume charts today, beating out such notables as Cattle Decapitation,
Cannibal Corpse, and Pig Grinder (grind on this!)

Normally we would be partying it up doubly hard on this momentous
‘even more casual Friday”….but instead, the entire Epitaph office waits
with baited breath as Hamsen struggles to recover.

His patches have been repaired and the bandages remain, but I assure you,
his hopes have never been higher.

There will be a candlelight vigil tonight held at Emil Villa’s at 8pm.
Stay tuned for updates over the weekend…

Oh! Big ups to for launching Dave Hamsen's music career! JT Ftw!

p.s. in case you missed, Hamsen's coat is patchy and it looks like he has Chiaids.


-john b.

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