Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Eight

Day 8: his butt sprouts are growing faster than his back ones?

Today I gave Dave Hamsen a break from staring at the omnipotent HOPE

card that he has been forced to focus on for the past week errr so to hang

out with some of our office regulars!

Like Hans Bananahammock, the only rubber Sasquatch who can rock a

tucan thong AND enlighten you on the German beer purity rule! When

he’s not busy partying it up in Vegas, nailing Estonian supermodels, he

likes to keep a low profile on the shelf behind Sue’s desk, proudly displaying

his dentist’s handy-work…

Or Lilly, who handles our accounts payable!

Or Terry “Don’t Touch Me There” T-Rex…it’s best to not make any sudden

movements around him…I blame Jurassic Park…and his Mom’s boyfriend,

Ezekiel Chickenfucker

Or the infamous ‘That’s Easy’ button, making all your hardest tasks a snap!!!

Just press the button and follow rule 3 from yesterday’s post.

-john b.

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