Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen: let's not lie, he looks fugly as shit.

Wow! Whatta weekend! HUGE Thanks to the good folks at Absolutepunk
for posting that hot tip on Hammy!!! The response was overwhelming
and we raised our subscriptions 150%!!!...to 5 ppl.

Anyway...Punk Rock Bowling this weekend was AMAZING, huge shout out to
our new friends and that drunk guy in a Christina Aguilera shirt at the bar.
(p.s. did you know that he is afraid of horror movies?)

My conscious got the better of me and decided to listen to my friends...Hammy
stayed home w/ my gf's sister so he wouldn't be corrupted by the electric sex
that is Vegas...

However, I did make an artist's rendering of how things would have went
if he came along. Picture below, expect a sweet ass goodie sometime this week.

Hint Hint: who wants a hot rub?!?!

-john b.

1 comment:

  1. ha ha. this is ridiculous.
    I think you forgot the part where little Hammy was terrified by the scary snoring monster in our hotel room.