Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Five

Day Five: Hamsen Comes Home, Son

After a trying work week filled with killer bee attacks, identity crisis(es?)

and basketball bonding, Hamsen has finally come home to relax in south-central

LA. The sound of helicopters & bullets whizzing by lulls him to sleep in the most

adorable way (you just have to see it…just don’t wear red or stand near any windows.)

Anyway, it also marked my roommate’s birthday and you know how that can

be when you are in college…here’s my hazy recollection of what Hammy did

that fateful night:

9pm – Dude like7 Jager bombs, and totally pound a 12 pack of natty ice pregame-ing

10pm – Arrive at Short Stop Bar in Echo Park, grind on hipsters with asymmetric

haircuts, call mgmt overrated, get into sissy fight

11pm – 1:30 am – rage!

2am – back at home.

3am – professes dude-bro love to me

3:05am – tries to fight me

3:07am – passes out on the bathroom floor

3pm – wakes up naked in bed with other dudechiabro, bummer like woah

Party. I’m totally rushing in the fall.

Oh ya! If you slum it up in LA on the weekends, keep your eyes peeled for

some chia-watch stickers on bathroom stall doors & drunk girls’ bums.

Family portrait / fri&sat. recap in photos below…

-john b.

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