Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Eleven

Day Eleven: Chia Pets Are Hardcore!

Let’s not lie, as a young adult, Hammy is a little nervous about going to

Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling this weekend. The idea of your Papa running

off to the craps table to blow your college fund while you are left with $20 to fend

for 3 days of arcade games kinda frightened him.

So, Chad from NFG / ISHC was gracious enough to come in and give him a

pep-talk about the finer points about life, becoming a (chia) man/pig and the

new Notorious B.I.G movie.

In a once in a lifetime photo opportunity, we managed to catch Chad, Brett,

Barack AND the Fonz all in one shot! Not to get any hopes up, but I hear there’s

still an opening in the Obama’s Agricultural dept….just saying …who’d be better

than someone who A.) Is and actual plant and B.) isn’t afraid to call you a

chickenfucker through terra cotta eyes?

If nothing else he’ll get to at least level 20 on Elvis pinball…

-john b.


  1. haha. this post made it onto DH has hit the bigtime.

  2. i say we make hamsen do the ada spreadsheet, yes!