Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen: From Ham To Infirmary

Sad news today kids…it seems that the Rock N’ Roll lifestyle has been

taking its toll on Dave Hamsen. Fame, fortune, the girls, the cars, the drugs,

the men, etc. have caused my boy to start prematurely shedding his seed

(not even in the sexy way!!).

We wrapped him up with gauze and bandages and have kept a close eye

on his water intake; w/ a little help from Miracle Grow and any luck at all

he should be back to normal sometime next week.

In lieu of these tragic events, Pat from Sing It Loud rushed over today to wish

Hamsen his best, and to offer some tips on how to grow full, luscious, shiny locks

with more bounce and twice the hold!

One final note, the response to his single “Pig Destroyer Destroyer” has been

nothing short of ASTRONOMICAL! It has to be at least within the top

500 of purevolume’s Swedish death metal category…

-john b.

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